Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st update

Just wanted to write what has happened so far. I have only had 3 approaches since joining (Update, May 27, 2015: This website was closed). I briefly vented about the first one on a previous post. Now, I completely understand that particular couples paranoia because it’s frankly started to kick in for me as well! It’s silly how any little thing about someone can seem like a red flag!

That’s what happened to me when I was approached by a second Intended Mom. I’m afraid I probably sounded very harsh and serious when I talked to her! Never did get a call back.

Then, I had a 3rd approach by another Intended Mother (IM) who asked about my fee 1st off. Just the evening before she contacted me, I was being helped (over the phone) by a Surrogate Mother friend I had recently made from CA and had pretty much figured out what I wanted to ask for. So I told this interested Intended Mother (IM) what my “base compensation” was, and in a subsequent message, told her my base compensation could be negotiated. Never got a reply back on this one either.

I’ve been giving my base compensation a LOT of though. I didn’t want to go lower because that is the amount my husband thinks I should get for such a big undertaking. It is 40 weeks of our lives. But then, I’ve started to think that I’m not getting any younger and the distance (me living in PR) is a big deterrent for many Intended Parents (IP’s), so I started to consider Gestational Surrogacy. The problem about GS for me is the fact that my toddler has to always be with me, he cries bloody murder if I leave his sight! That’s why Traditional Surrogacy (TS) is more convenient for me. Plus, I’d prefer to only carry one child, rather than multiples.

I’ve actually started to consider temporarily relocating if need be, but I guess I am afraid of change! 

It’s just something I am giving some though, and I though I’d write about, because sometimes I am asked how my journey is going, or what is up, and this way I can just say I blogged about it here :)

Good luck to everyone who is on this journey!


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