Sunday, September 16, 2012

October Transfer Cancelled

I had some prospective Intended Parents (PIP's), so I went to get an ultrasound and a Pap Smear with my RE on August 31, 2012, to see if all was ok to proceed. I also started birth control (BC) pills that day.

The interested IP's hadn't really made contact since first contacting me back in February 2012, and they still had some issues with my terms. I revised/reconsidered things in hopes of being able to proceed.

October would have been a great month to conceive because that would have meant a summer birth.

I got Aunt Flo (my period) on a Monday, so I called my RE to let them know.

The IP's then agreed to move forward one day, but the next day they sent me a text message that they wanted to halt things.

So, onward & upward. In search of IP's again.

I also had a few approaches before that, but all ended up backing out as well.

Oh the rollercoaster ride surrogacy is.

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