Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Surro Twins Turned One!!!

The twins I gave birth to in July 2011 turned one year old :-) This is what I shared on my Facebook about it ...

Went to my surro twins birthday party. Cried during the photo montage the family presented! Oh my, they recorded me crying and everything, lol. I came out in a bathing suit in all my glory, almost naked while getting my belly cast done, while lying down in the OBGYN's office looking huge, etc, etc :p

It was a very special occasion, and everyone made me feel even more proud of what I did :-) There were many tears of joy indeed. Wish I took more pictures though. Thankfully, a friend helped with that task.

I am very happy to have seen the family all together. The twins are surrounded by lots of love, and I will forever be extremely proud of what I did.

I sometimes forget what I did momentarily, but there are always things that remind me that they indeed came to the light from within my womb. Things like their belly cast, their pictures on my cell phone, the parents keeping in touch, seeing them again, or maybe still being involved in surrogacy. And even if one day I don't have any of these, there is always that annoying cesarean incision :p That always does the trick!

I read that babies stem cells pass to a woman's body when she carries them, so I guess it's safe to say, they will both always stay with me ;-)

No words can explain how proud I am of what I have done, regardless of what anyone might say or think.

I wish I could share pictures of them, but my Intended Parents cherish their privacy. Here is a little memento of their birthday party ...

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