Sunday, February 8, 2009

Issues to consider when thinking about Surrogacy

I wanted to provide links that have good reading material on various subjects for anyone interested...

1- On "Issues to Consider When Thinking About Surrogacy":

2- Great blog at Typepad titled "Surrogacy 101 - A Voice from the Trenches: Insights and Opinions of a Former Agency Owner, and 2x "Independent " Gestational Surrogate":

3- Surrogacy: The Psychological Side of Screening, go here:

4- Military wife's using Tricare for Surrogacy. I thought this might interest prospective Intended Parents. Scroll down and read where it says "Military Health Care News":


6- Motivations of Surrogate Mothers - Parenthood, Altruism and Self-Actualization (a three year study):

7- Surrogacy in Spanish - SubrogaciĆ³n en EspaƱol:

8- Ethics of Surrogacy:

9- Surrogacy laws by state:

10- Information on Surrogacy:

11- General Idea of FEES associated with Surrogacy:

12- Reproductive Tourism? India's Latest Outsourcing: Surrogacy

13- Surrogacy in Puerto Rico:

Online report about surrogacy in PR in Spanish-

14- A brief guide to Home Inseminations:

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