Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Officially a 3x Gestational Surrogate!

I gave birth, via C-section, to an 8 lb/1oz, 21" baby girl on August, 2013! That was my 3rd surro baby, since on my first surrogacy I carried twins.

It got a VBAC friendly OBGYN for that pregnancy, since the previous C-section had only been my first, and enough time had gone by for an attempt, but I got to 41 weeks, baby never engaged, so no sweeps could be done. Induction was out of the question since I had a previous C-section. And since my blood pressure was high, another cesarean it was.

I loved the couple I did that surrogacy for, so I did a sibling journey for them. Sibling journey is when, as a surrogate, you carry another baby for any previous Intended Parents (IP's) you had.

So on November, 2014, I gave birth, via C-section, to another baby girl (4th surro baby). She weighed 10 lbs., and was 23" long! She definitely had some cheeks on her :D

That pregnancy was my 6th full term pregnancy, so it was certainly my hardest!

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GS x 1 to Boy/Girl twins (July 2011)
GS x 2 to a girl (August 2013)
GS x 3 to a girl (November 2014)

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