Sunday, March 4, 2012

Officially An Experienced Gestational Surrogate

I am now known in the surrogacy community as a GSx1! That means I have done one gestational surrogacy. I gave birth to twins on July 2011! A lot has happened since my last post. I failed to update this blog!

I will update this blog as soon as I can. I will say I am looking for Intended Parents.

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GS x 1 to twins (July 2011)


  1. Congratulations!!! is surrogacy legal in Puerto Rico?

  2. Thank you! There are no laws in PR for surrogacy. This island is always behind on everything I guess. It is not illegal either. After birth I simply give up custody and my rights.

    It is very taboo though. People are not educated about it AT ALL. All they think about when you mention it is all the horror stories they've heard, or they have a skewed idea about it, which is very sad.

    It is the most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life!

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    1. Is there a facility that specializes in Surrogacy in Puerto Rico. I read about some doctors that are IVF specialist, but nothing about a clinic there.

    2. @Mindiej,

      If what you mean is if there are agencies here, then no, there aren't any. Yes, there are Reproductive Endocrinologists.

      What surrogates in the mainland (US) call "clinics" are just their Reproductive Endocrinologists offices.

      So the Reproductive Endocrinologist of your choice would be the place to go to get help with your reproductive needs.

      They don't specialize in surrogacy, but as any of these specialists, they have knowledge about it.

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. Vicky,
    I am a current resident here in Puerto Rico, the age of 15... In school we have a proyect about the topic we wished to choose... I wanted to get into surrogacy since little here know very little about it... It is my wish to interview you if possible... My name is Terry my school is Central High de Artes Visuales (Central High School of Visual Arts)... If possible contact me at my email...

    1. Terry, how wonderful to have such a young person interested in this subject. I master both spanish & english, just in case you would prefer spanish. I will contact you. Might I add, the word endoplasmic in such a young person is a first for me!

      Have a wonderful evening,

    2. Meant to say: The word endoplasmic in such a young person's email address :-)

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  5. I don't know if you still do surrogacy or if you can maybe help me get on my tracks. I am 44, had to have an emergency hysterectomy and now wish to have a baby. I have my ovaries and would only like to be able to have somebody carry a baby for us.
    I am in a stable relationship with a wonderful man who has no babies. I have given birth before and my children are mostly grown ups. I tried to have somebody in my family help me but you know how things are here in PR.
    I just need help getting directed in the right path. Thanks!

    1. Hello Duesygirl, no, my days as a surrogate mother are over because of my breast cancer diagnosis. Getting pregnant again would be a huge no-no.

      First off, I am very sorry to hear about your hysterectomy :-(

      I have written a few entries on how to go about getting a surrogacy underway in P.R., but basically, Intended Parents have to do all the research and legwork themselves. First step, go to any local Reproductive Endocrinologist. They will be able to help with all the reproductive procedures, and maybe an egg donor, but finding a surrogate is mostly the IP's job, maybe using online surrogacy forums. That is how I found all my IP's.

      From there, you might get suggestions for a psychologist (for everyone's psych evaluations)and a lawyer, but you can really chose any one you like.

      Nonetheless, feel free to email me at if you have any more questions. I am already over the tough quemo drugs (Adriamycin and Cytoxan), and am now on Taxol which is easier. Email me ;-)

      - Vicky